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Do you have questions about your vision health? Let’s start with a caveat: Trying to rate places on how they appeal to older singles is like picking a vacation spot for someone else. You could roam the hot spots of a town for months without meeting that special someone , then find a soul mate in a chance encounter at the post office. Still, some cities are better than others for older singles, especially those who are seeking some place to retire. Read on the 10 cities are in no particular order , and let us know from your experience what other cities and towns are particularly single-friendly , and why. In the s and ’70s, San Francisco achieved mythical status as the land of free love. Fast-forward 40 years: Social mores have changed, but San Francisco still reigns as a bastion of active dating across all demographics. San Francisco is among the top 10 metro areas for population density, with more than , people packed into a central city the size of Disney World. The city has a diverse and tolerant population, with a strong gay and lesbian community and more than distinct neighborhoods.

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Arsonists set buildings ablaze and torched much of the Black business district during a second night of unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, triggered by the wounding of a Black man shot in the back by police as his three young sons looked on. Smoke billowed over central Kenosha after police in riot gear clashed with protesters as they defied a dusk-to-dawn curfew on Monday night and Tuesday morning, blocks away from where police gunned down Jacob Blake on Sunday. Blake, 29, survived the shooting, which was captured on video, and was in stable condition following surgery, his father said.

Blake had been attempting to break up a fight between two women and was shot in front of his three young sons, civil rights attorney Ben Crump said.

Vespa mandarinia, dubbed by The New York Times as “murder hornets,” But despite the dour news and shuttered concert scene, Jimmy of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and follow other cases of black men who dealing with loneliness, to the fashion of masks and dating one of the Cuomo brothers.

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The public and tenants will enjoy a reinvigorated office, dining, and retail experience at the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Our unparalleled tenant-exclusive amenity package features a 10, SF fitness center, a library, and a stunning rooftop terrace with a Winter Lounge that enables warm, sunlit meetings even in February. Join the carefully considered selection of restaurants and shops at our more than , SF dining and retail destination, which includes a 45, SF food hall curated by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern.

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The music of Minnesota began with the native rhythms and songs of Indigenous peoples, the Mid-sized clubs also comprise a large part of the Twin Cities music scene. The New York Times International Datebook calls the Christmas performance of the St. Olaf College choir “one of the five significant global holiday.

When I was a little boy growing up in South Carolina, my mom decided to take me and a neighborhood girl on a big history trip and visit the sights in Atlanta. Emphasis on the big. I wish I could remember anything other than that everything felt dank in there, like a long unvisited cellar, but the thing was, as promised, insanely big.

It was called the Cyclorama, and the canvas was suspended around the degrees of a high circular wall, showing hundreds of clashing soldiers. If I had listened to the guide, I might have heard that here was a great Confederate victory in the Civil War, depicted in images almost three stories high and more than a football field long. And I would have learned of its mysterious origin—how in the s, a circus came to town with this spectacular visual entertainment and some exotic animals. All of that is an exaggeration, of course.

The painting depicts the Battle of Atlanta, a decisive Union victory in To gaze upon the painting today—restored, reinstalled and reopening in February at the Atlanta History Center—is to see an unintended monument to the wonderments of accretion: accretions not merely of paint, but of mythmaking, distortion, error, misinterpretation, politics, opportunism, crowd-pleasing, revisionism, marketing, propaganda and cover-up literally.

Minneapolis dating scene as depicted in the Times

Get tickets to a Thursday performance during the month of October and enter the in-person costume contest. Head to the 7th Avenue side of the theatre between 50th St. The costumes will be judged during the performance, and the winner will be announced on-stage during the curtain call. After the performance, the winner s will go backstage and get a photo taken with a cast member.

analyses of racial disparities in deadly police encounters to date. “A couple of years ago,” she said, “The New York Times wrote an who was driving by the scene of the crime on the day Van Dyke killed McDonald. “Minneapolis Police Chief Forced Out After Fatal Shooting of Australian Woman.

Walter Lure to me was sort of the last of the Mohicans of the 70s New York punk rock scene. The last Heartbreaker, I really thought he was immortal. He was a classic legend and always crackin jokes. And goddamn it could he play guitar. The New York rock n roll scene took a major hit today and will never be the same.

Thank you for the music, sharing your epic stories, and always being cool. Love you Uncle Walter. Rest In Peace Walter Lure.

Minneapolis under state of emergency after Black homicide suspect’s death

Temkin has focused on the acquisitions program ny times dating in minneapolis the department of painting and sculpture, and the reimagining of the minneapolis galleries at the museum. She is a member minneapolis the International Fine Art and Specie You Conference organizing committee, and the served as unless of the arts and records committee of the Inland Marine Times Minneapolis since.

Its that simple.

The first New York Times Dating Scene Minneapolis message counts! New York Times says St. Jan 16, ny times dating in minneapolis · Micro-Cheating.

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Music of Minnesota

The music of Minnesota began with the native rhythms and songs of Indigenous peoples , the first inhabitants of the lands which later became the U. As the territory was opened up to white settlement in the 19th century, each group of immigrants brought with them the folk music of their European homelands. Celtic , German , Scandinavian , and Central and Eastern European song and dance remain part of the vernacular music of the state today.

Ethnic music has influenced and developed into modern folk music, and American musical genres such as gospel music , blues and jazz also are part of the state’s musical fabric.

u ‘ J Har,. l ” The N. Y.” Times says“: “The American Range Finder has been given of the date on which the contractors will be ready for the oilicial tests. ‘l’u Garrison Hall at Fort Ontario was the scene of a charming reception on the Mrs. J. F. Huston and family left for Minneapolis a few days ago to Oil] Captain​.

Dog has laid to tape yet, the record was born from a journey of doubt and discovery, a heavy, sometimes painful reckoning that ultimately brought the band closer together with more strength and clarity than ever before. They released the album with little fanfare, posting it to Bandcamp as a benefit for the Southern Poverty Law Center and walking away without any touring or press for a much—needed break.

That time apart proved to be invaluable, as it offered each bandmember the opportunity to reflect and reevaluate, to challenge and confront their conceptions of the group and its possibilities, to ask the hard questions of themselves and each other. Some bandmembers used the break to grow their families, others to explore different artistic avenues.

McMicken and Leaman each penned a mountain of songs on their own, inspired by the liberty of writing without expectation or responsibility. The distance had ironically brought them closer together, helping them learn to communicate in more honest and open ways. As they worked through the challenges and growing pains inherent in rewiring the foundation of any relationship, they found themselves more excited and inspired than ever before.

Eventually we got to the deepest, most honest part of ourselves. Typically, Dr. Dog would record themselves in their own studio, but one of the revelations from their break was that that brand of insularity had begun to feel more limiting than empowering.

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It was a rainy night in mid-September, and the specter of winter, which some residents joke lasts 90 percent of the year, was already looming over the throng. For residents of Uptown, which lacks skyways, going out can be a pastime for the very hearty — or the very motivated. Lindma, who was wearing her shock of platinum hair piled atop her head. McElver, 23, an aspiring screenwriter. McElver said. Uptown guys, they said, tend to be musicians or artists living in neighborhoods like Whittier, where rents are cheaper.

Ny times dating in minneapolis. Maybe Atlanta would be the closest, but Minneapolis has less transplants. But, those are all bigger metro areas. It’s probably on.

Engaging and interesting questions to get to know someone. If you could make a 20 second phone call to yourself at any point in your life present or future. Maybe Atlanta would be the closest, but Minneapolis has less transplants. But, those are all bigger metro areas. It’s probably on par with most of the metro areas of the same size, but punches above it’s weight compared to other mid-western cities and lags behind similar sized cities on the coast like San Diego and Portland.

Originally Posted by League These posts from the: Originally Posted by Duluth Minnesota is great if you fall into certain categories; otherwise it’s cold, lonely, indifferent and you feel like you’re wasting the best-looking years of your life watching couples and their kids enjoy theirs – nobody wants to do that. Originally Posted by losadair. I lived in south Minneapolis, with a bunch of liberal new-urbanist types, not out in the ‘burbs.

Nearing age 40, it was very difficult to fit in socially. It seemed like people had already filled their good-friend positions, and new relationships stayed at arms’ length.

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Reviews of Aladdin on Broadway. See what all the critics had to say and see all the ratings for Aladdin including the New York Times and More You may recognize the song from the animated movie on which this new musical, which opened Thursday at the New Amsterdam Theatre, is based. In the film version, Friend is sung by Robin Williams, voicing the role of the genie who comes to our titular hero’s aid, at his most breathlessly ebullient.

By the end of the number – which includes a game-show segment, a medley of tunes from other Disney musicals and a succession of winking, twinkling chorus lines – Iglehart’s Genie is deliriously huffing and puffing; the audience, which responded at a recent preview with a standing ovation, is just as giddy. If Disney Theatrical’s latest production doesn’t sustain that frenzied high throughout, it delivers a rush that may surprise folks who attend either as chaperones or to relive their own youths.

The New York Times recently visited Minneapolis to explore our dating scene and the resulting article may be the funniest thing you ever read.

After crossing a road a whitetail buck in velvet heads into a woods in Silverwood Park. Minneapolis police officers have repeatedly requested over the past three years that Hennepin County medical responders sedate people using the powerful tranquilizer ketamine, at times over the protests of those being drugged, and in some cases when no apparent crime was committed, a city report shows.

On multiple occasions, in the presence of police, Hennepin Healthcare EMS workers injected suspects of crimes and others who already appeared to be restrained, according to the report, and the ketamine caused heart or breathing failure, requiring them to be medically revived. Several people given ketamine had to be intubated. The draft report has been circulated narrowly within City Hall but not disseminated to the public. The Star Tribune has obtained a copy.

The number of documented ketamine injections during Minneapolis police calls increased from three in to 62 last year, the report found, including four uses on the same person. On May 18, around the time the draft report was completed, Minneapolis police Cmdr. But the report found examples when EMS workers used the drug on people who did not appear to fit this description. The draft report prompted sharply different reactions among local officials. Mayor Jacob Frey said all medical decisions highlighted in the draft report were made by Hennepin County medical professionals.

He said it was necessary for the city to clarify in policy that police are not to give input to EMS and hospital professionals beyond factual information. Ketamine is an anesthetic agent that some researchers believe can be effective in treating depression.

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