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Byron Allen offers his story as a model of African-American economic success. In recent years, he has also fashioned himself a civil rights crusader, battling what he says is the racism in corporate America with lawsuits and incendiary rhetoric. Allen has risked alienating would-be allies like Al Sharpton and the N. Allen, 58, said in an interview. Comcast appealed. When the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case, some black leaders were irked at the prospect that Mr. At stake before the court in oral arguments on Nov. The justices seemed to focus on the narrow question of whether a plaintiff like Mr. Allen must make the case that racial discrimination was the main factor or just a contributing factor in the early stages of litigation. The Supreme Court is not expected to issue its ruling until the spring.

Informing internet television and video

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Eliot Glazer at Urlesque found a bunch of videos from Comcast’s Dating On Demand service, who appear to have recruited their clients for free.

This application claims the benefit of U. Dating is made increasingly difficult today by the busy lives people lead. It is often difficult for one individual to meet another individual having desired interests and personal characteristics. Various systems exist that facilitate social interaction between people. However, personal ads only allow an individual to specify limited criteria desired in another person due to the space constraints of the advertisement.

Also, should others respond to the advertisement, the individual will have little, if any, information about the responder. Personal advertisement services have now migrated to the Internet, wherein these dating services allow each user to select a set of criteria that they wish to be met by another user. Internet dating services match people using a database having a profile for each user, where each user’s profile contains personal information such as gender, age, physical attributes height, weight, eye and hair color, etc.

Comcast’s Latest Offer: On-Demand Dates

Starting on Feb. Singles age 18 and older can submit personal three-to-five minute videos to Comcast Research and the cable operator will post the video on its server, the paper said. Videos will first be edited to meet the TV standard, and no inappropriate or intensely suggestive language will be permitted, according to the paper. Other Comcast digital-cable subscribers can view the videos and reach someone if they wish by sending a message through an online subscription service, HurryDate.

Ten romantically embattled reality stars appear alongside everyday singles who show up for what they think is a run-of-the-mill love and dating show in paradise.

I was reading this article today about dating on demand and how Comcast is experimenting with this technology allowing anyone to see the video dating listings but only those people that subscribe to the on-demand service can actually see the videos. The article implies that the market for such services will be small and while I agree it seems any company from Match.

If they have them already — consider me late to the party. One of the complaints I hear from my single friends is that when they meet someone in person that they met through a dating service, they rarely look like their photo. I suppose a combination of showing a video of your prospective date and then videoconferencing with them prior to meeting might actually make dating less time consuming.

The whole concept of online dating is amazing because we seem to be heading into a world where you will pick a mate almost exclusively online. It seems to take the chance encounter aspect of dating out of the equation altogether and if anything makes dating a more sterile and boring place. So the point is that dating technology is improving.

They are coming to learn how to put VoIP into their systems… Experiment with video and make the dating experience better.

Dating On Demand

Cable modem termination system having a gateway for transporting out-of-band messaging signals. Patent number: Type: Grant. Filed: September 7, Date of Patent: June 14,

Yesterday Comcast and AT&T were among ISPs announced some the network both nationally and locally, and to date it is performing well.

Posted by Sean L. Vanessa Bayer is a featured cast member on Saturday Night Live this season. Three years ago, she was just another single face on Comcast’s Dating on Demand. If you were in Chicago in , you could have looked her up on your cable TV as sassy2 and asked her out on a date. But you didn’t. You lose. I remember when I lived in Boston — then a Comcast market — and saw these Dating on Demand clips, and even saw them hold “auditions” looking for comedic types to go out on dates.

I’m sure Vanessa wasn’t the only young comedian to use the service, if only for an early credit and screen time. Steve Martin also played The Dating Game. Fun facts! In the meantime…. Editor and publisher since , when he was named New York’s Funniest Reporter. Loves comedy so much he founded this site. Your email address will not be published.

Comcast – V for Vendetta – Watch Movies Online at XFINITY TV

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Programs included: Dating On Demand, Pet Adoptions, Police Blotter, Missing Kids, Troop Greeting, Xfinity High School Sports. Built and cultivated local and.

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Comcast Says Increased Demand for Faster Broadband Offsets Losses From Cord Cutting

Philadelphia, PA. Sometimes even models need help finding a date, and Comcast’s Dating on Demand is stepping up to help connect eligible models with singles across the country with its first-ever opportunity to “Date a Model. Beginning this week, video profiles of single models will be featured on Dating on Demand.

content on Digital Cable, video on demand and high-definition television. Life & Home – Video personals from Comcast’s Dating on Demand service.

Comcast said the Dating on Demand videos have become one of its most popular video-on-demand programs, viewed about one million times since they were launched in August. Comcast started the service in partnership with the HurryDate service that hosts speed-dating events across the country and branched out into online dating last year.

There is no charge to watch the videos or to add your own video to the list. Profiles of Philadelphia- and Chicago-area singles will be available nationally starting Monday, and profiles from other cities including Baltimore, Washington, Portland, Ore. By Associated Press. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in News. Recommendations included expanded worker protections, rent relief and multilingual outreach.

Comcast Celebrates Romance with the Debut of Dating on Demand

Philadelphia, PA. Comcast is lending Cupid a helping hand this Valentine’s Day, making it easier for singles to connect with someone special with the national launch of Dating on Demand, the first service to combine video on demand VOD and online dating, on February Comcast is partnering with HurryDate, a leading online and “rapid dating” events company, to help connect singles.

Patents Assigned to Comcast Cable Holdings, LLC Date of Patent: June 14, Abstract: Method and system of video on demand (VOD) dating.

The new streaming service Peacock launches this week — but not for everybody. More at PeacockTV. Three episodes now available on Hulu, new episodes each Wednesday. It is now the longest-running original series on Amazon Prime Video, and one of its most popular, and is set to end next year with the seventh season. Ten episodes streaming on Netflix. It earned an Oscar nomination for its unsettling cinematography. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Streaming on Netflix. Available on Kanopy and Hoopla , free streaming services available through most library systems. Also new:. More kid stuff: M. All from South Korea with subtitles.

When Vanessa Bayer needed a date, where were you? Not on Comcast’s Dating on Demand

Cohen spoke on a variety of topics in the communications and business fields, but specifically focused on the formation and growth of the Comcast Company headquartered in Philadelphia. One of the areas that Cohen most excited to see develop is the recent partnership that Comcast made with Sprint. When Cohen asked the room of communications and business majors to raise their hand if they still had a land-line telephone, 90 percent of the students did not.

However, when he asked the students to raise their hand if they had a cell phone, 90 percent of the students raised their hands. For this reason, Cohen was extremely excited about the possibilities of Sprint and Comcast working together on a new feature: Comcast Digital Voice.

comcast dating on demand. @XFINITY_TV | 7 years ago. ‘Downton Abbey’ Heartbreak in Shocking Season 3 Finale | XFINITY TV Blog by Comcast.

Starting Valentine’s Day, the nation’s largest cable provider extended its “Dating on Demand” service to Chicago and other Comcast markets that have the company’s On Demand video service. While On Demand lets subscribers watch certain prerecorded TV shows and events whenever they want, Dating on Demand serves up homemade and professionally made videos of subscribers.

When a viewer sees someone he or she wants to meet, the viewer can send an e-mail through www. There’s no cost to view a profile, place a profile or record a video profile. Comcast is not just interested in playing cupid for its 22 million subscribers. Overall, the cable industry is pulling out all the stops in its battle against satellite TV providers and telephone companies. Cable operators have spent billions over the past decade upgrading their networks to allow two-way communication between the viewer and the cable company.

That allows cable operators to offer the TiVo-like digital video recorders that satellite operators such as DirecTV offers to its subscribers. The two-way link also makes possible video on demand and Dating on Demand. Watch for more paradigms that have succeeded on the Web to migrate to TV. Dating on Demand evolves out of the “everybody’s-a-star-for-a-day craze of reality programming,” notes Matt Stump, a reporter for the cable industry publication Multichannel.

From Comcast’s perspective, the service is aimed at keeping viewers coming back — and from switching to satellite.