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Within its pages you will find information about great markets, playgrounds, parks, kids play centers, amusement parks, adrenaline pumping family activities, Christmas Markets all over Europe, unique cultural destinations, farms stays, bicycling, kayaking, paintball, land sailing, rock climbing, go-karting, a multiplicity of spectator sports to enjoy, social and expat groups to join, as well as periodicals filled with weekly events and activities all over the country. Belgium is an absolutely amazing place to spend a vacation or a couple of years. Brussels is a city of vibrant and diverse neighborhoods; Antwerp is stylish, edgy and hip; Ghent and Leuven are lively university towns; and Belgium as a whole is rich in cultural heritage, natural beauty, and fascinating history. So, if you are looking to fully enjoy your sojourn in Brussels, Belgium and beyond, this ebook is for you. To order a copy of this ebook, please head to the end of the website below. Top of Page. To access the article in the issue of Flanders Today in which it appeared, visit www. The author was also interviewed on Radio X, Belgium’s premier expat radio station.

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to date, accounts for some , inhabitants. Welcome to Belgium! Expatriate health insurance in Belgium. Free advice and quotation service to choose an.

Expat Financial Affairs offers essential advice in English on managing your finances as an expat in Belgium. Join our short and informative presentations on investments, pensions, self-employment and estate planning, and mingle with fellow expats over food and drinks. Do you have a bank account and make financial investments as an expat in Belgium? We will offer you an insight into the tax consequences of those investments, depending on your fiscal status, in both Belgium and your country of citizenship.

We will also help to ensure you are compliant with all tax regulations that might be involved. While buying a home in Belgium is an exciting life decision, it is also an expensive one. BNP Paribas Fortis can help you understand the financial tax realities and challenges of being the proud owner of that dream home in Belgium. Our mission is to assist private banking clients with the legal and tax structure of their movable and immovable assets. The day you decide to buy or maybe built a residence in Belgium, which kind of costs do you have to pay?

And what taxes do you have to pay on your immovable property in Belgium?

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Update: Please be aware that despite the Coronavirus COVID pandemic, we are operating as usual and our partners will be conducting initial consultations online and by telephone. Belgium is a culturally rich country, but is generally regarded as a country with relatively high tax rates for residents making it essential to understand your full tax obligations.

Belgium is renowned for having higher taxes than many other countries, however it is also considered the administrative heart of the European Union and also boasts an excellent standard of living making it a very attractive country to live. We have prepared this overview of Belgium tax for expats primarily as a guide for British expats.

Exclusive expat discounts on Avis rentals. Belgium expats returning to their home country can make use of a special rate if they book their rental car with Avis.

Every week we organise several great events, from delightful coffee mornings to guided museum visits, and from lectures to full day and weekend trips. Feel free to join us. Membership is not required for most events. Experience the lush green Ardennes during a lovely kayaking trip over the Lesse River including return train ticket. Join us to discover the story of Victor Horta, the undisputed leader of Art Nouveau architects in Belgium.

A weekend fully dedicated to the discovery of the Bourgogne’s Route des Grands Crus and its lovely towns and vineyards! With its many canals Giethoorn is Holland’s most idyllic village and we discover it by boat. Besides we visit fishing town Urk. Visit the mysterious Mont Saint-Michel, with its medieval abbey, lovely village and one of the highest tides in the world.

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There are many Facebook Groups in Belgium out there. Therefore, I am not going to list out all. The emphasis is for newcomers and expats living in Belgium regarding questions about integration, life in Belgium and seeking a solution, opinion or a recommendation for their day-to-day life.

Expats living in Belgium can easily keep in touch with friends and family around The site, available in English, French and Dutch, calculates the best service.

More and more attention is put by sociologists on the relation between cities, development and the activities and profiles of the people attracted by cities themselves. Brussels is a particularly vivid example of this relation, being so influenced by the massive percentage of European high-level migrants, called Expats, who live there on a temporary or a permanent basis. The article, besides trying to define what an Expat is, provides an exploratory outline of how they are perceived and they perceive themselves.

Sociologen besteden steeds meer aandacht aan de relatie tussen steden en hun ontwikkeling, en de activiteiten en profielen van mensen die door de steden zelf worden aangetrokken. On the contrary, there is a geography of power, and cities are its nodes. More recently, Florida establishes a relation among economic development, creative workers and places, affirming that the most creative workers tend to concentrate in specific cities, triggering a virtuous circle of development which improves the quality of life and the general economic level of those cities.

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Moving to another country means joining a new community but, as expats, we know that sometimes it can be comforting to get in touch with people from our own country. People who speak our language and share the same background, can give us advice, bring us support or simply tell us about their experiences. These Facebook communities organise their own events; meetings and activities — which is ideal for when you are feeling a bit homesick.

That is, what is the tax return due date? Under the Belgian expatriate special income tax regime, some so-called expatriate the Belgian Law of 30 March ; the Web site of the Belgium Social Security administration.

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